Everyday is hustle day. But today…I rock hunt.

My walking meditation

My walking meditation

This week, I was struggling with what to write about…not because my mind was blank though. Quite the opposite. I couldn’t pick what to write about. Sometimes I have so many ideas and get excited, wanting to share my thoughts right away, but if I did, I have a feeling these blog posts would come out sounding like a squirrel at a rave.

Speaking of squirrels…brings me to this blog topic…in a way.

These past several weeks have been rough, time wise. I’m busy as hell building my brand, and website, teaching, working full time, studying and just the normal upkeep at home and with my personal practice. I’m not complaining at all. I love the hustle and even though things are a bit off balance, certain new habits and elements have presented themselves in my day to day that help me adjust to this hustle. I’m starting to function much easier on less sleep than I ever have before. I was always the one to say “I can’t get less than 7 hours of sleep or I won’t be able to function” Well, that is a dumb little lie. I am functioning nowadays on maybe 5 hours tops some nights and others, almost 4. I have actually been tricking myself into thinking that I am not tired. Sometimes it works, other times I want a damn nap so bad, that shutting my eyes for 30 seconds I can feel myself nodding off! But I’ll tell you, it’s really all worth it right now. I mean really….who thinks they can actually get caught up on sleep!? I’ve started to realize how overrated it is.

I’ve also been going to my beach as much as I can and hunting for fun rocks and little pieces of shell. I’ve found that it not only helps me clear my head, it actually rejuvenates my creative side and gives me focus. I’m not sure what I’m building with these beach findings yet, but you can bet it’ll be something weird and probably smelly…lake water is nasty…especially Lake Michigan.

rock 22.jpeg

I’ve stopped watching shows, movies (mostly) and TV. I cancelled all my subscriptions to Hulu, Showtime, HBO, even Netflix. I still have my Amazon Prime membership, but that’s just because…c’mon…it’s Amazon, dudes.

I’m working on a lot of things this summer. After taking a bit of time off from teaching when I moved out here, I am going full speed ahead now. If you know me, that is how it is….always all or nothing….balls to the wall or forget it entirely. Anyways, if you don’t know me, then allow me to back up a bit:

I moved to Chicago in September of last year, with the intent of taking a short break from teaching yoga. Before the move, I was working full time at an office and teaching only a few classes during the week and on weekends. A few years before that, I was teaching full time. Maybe around 10–12 classes a week. It was glorious for a while, but I was beginning to burn out. When I went back to the corporate grind, I still taught but felt I had lost my edge and creativity in my classes and my passion for teaching. It didn’t completely go away, but my mind was just elsewhere and not as present as I used to be.

So when I moved, I still planned to teach, but wanted to take a step back for a little while and just be a student again. Well, that few months turned out to be almost 4 months, then I started slowly easing my way back into it. And as soon as I got a taste, I fell in love again. I fell HARD. And I’m still falling. I sometimes wonder what it was that made me decide to take a break in the first place. I can’t really recall the exact moment, but I’m assuming it had to do with just being in a different frame of mind. But now that has changed. It’s kind of like what I imagine writers get when they have writer’s block or artists who aren’t feeling inspired. It’s like the beast within was sleeping. And now it’s awake. The teacher in me has presented herself once again, and I’m hooked on sharing this thing called yoga with others.

I’m learning from the previous experience as well and making sure to take some time for myself and not over exert myself. Also, my focus isn’t entirely on just teaching anymore. I’m putting together a few other things on the side as well, that complement the teaching bit, but don’t necessarily involve me leading a group of yogis through vinyasa flows or meditation. Like this blog, for instance. These are all my words in the way that I talk and think, and it’s not all about just yoga. I love to cook…so much so that I feel the need to share those experiences in my kitchen with others as well. Even if no one reads these, it doesn’t matter. I’m still putting it out there.

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Anyways, stay tuned for more yoga and awesome food stuff! I have a workshop I’m doing coming up in July if you are in the Chicago area! If not, just tune in here and I’m sure I’ll rant on about it!