Mmm...WING That Goodness!!!

Tofu Scramble

Tofu Scramble

A month or so ago, I went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens (yes, around March/April, when the ground in Chicago still has a bit of frost…) to get out of the city and shed the daily hum-drum of routine work life and normal everyday elements. I wanted to be around nature, even though the temperature was a fresh, brisk 48 degrees…I spent most of the time inside at the greenhouse gardens and the orchid exhibit. That weekend, I had made it a point to not be on my phone at all…I had my boyfriend take pictures of the pretty blooms and cacti with his iPhone and send them to me. 😊

Normally when I visit the gardens, which tends to be at least 3 times a year, I spend a good 4–5 hours out there. Taking my time and making my way through each specialty garden and savoring all the scents, textures and colors. Drinking in all of the Earth I possibly can before returning to the city and back to my life. I think it’s safe to say that this place is special to me. It acts like a natural valium resetting my brain and soul.

We left the garden after making our way through all the indoor plant houses and headed to the car bundled into one another. It wasn’t the best time to be outside, and both of us were starving!!

On the way home, we talked about what would be good to make for dinner. I wanted to cook something different, and new. Something I hadn’t tried before. Now I do love to cook and try to be as experimental as possible, but I’ve only been really cooking for about 5 years. So, coming up with my own recipes tends to be tricky and was usually (still is) a very big hit or a very crappy miss. But that day I wanted to play with food while keeping it somewhat simple. I was a bit tired from being on my feet but still had enough energy to throw down in the kitchen. I decided to make a skillet. I had had an amazing plant-based skillet at a restaurant close to my home and wanted to do something similar. My taste buds were salivating at the thought of all the ingredients I could throw into the pan. My boyfriend agreed that it sounded deelish, so we drove to Whole Foods and picked up anything and everything that our hungry little eyes/stomachs/hearts could find.

With no recipe I just winged it… threw the measuring cups and spoons back up on their hooks and grabbed the spices I wanted to use from the cupboard. I first minced up some garlic, sliced up a red onion and drizzled olive oil onto a nice and hot pan. I swirled it around nicely, coating the pan well and then threw in the garlic and onions. Sizzle. Yesssss. I crumbled up firm tofu and added turmeric, tamari, olive oil, paprika, cayenne, salt and pepper and stirred it up in a small bowl. Then added it to the pan with the onions and garlic. On the side, I boiled water for small golden potatoes, which I would then cut in half and add to the skillet once fully cooked. At this point, my skillet was becoming pretty full…I had to improvise…my extremely tiny kitchen only allows so much space for prepping, washing and cooking, so I had to pull out my little breakfast nook and prep from there. I chopped up cauliflower, broccoli, sugar snap peas, zucchini, carrots and a variety of bell peppers…now…where the hell do I cook these?! I grabbed a stock pot from way up on the top shelf of my cabinets, threw it on a burner and added a little oil and salt to it. Once the oil was sliding around like a marble in a bowl, I added the veggies and they sizzled loudly. Stirred it once and covered it up. Now back to my potato and tofu mix…mmmmm. Is your tummy grumbling yet?

I added a little bit of water, a sprinkle of sea salt and oregano to the mix and used my faithful wooden spoon to keep the combo blended well. The smell was just gorgeous. I love the turmeric and paprika aroma, mixed with the cooking bell pepper and broccoli smell….it was divine. Good thing the sizzling was loud, so my tummy grumbling was masked. I add the tofu potato mixture to the stock pot and stirred gently…it was almost ready. I added a little bit of Go Veggie! Shredded cheddar cheese to the mix while it was hot. Melt away, baby…turning my dish into golden stretchy goodness.

I decided to make this a skillet/breakfast wrap…remember, I wing it most of the time, so this is typical.

I heated the oven up and threw in some large tortillas on the rack to warm up. Once warm, I slid them out to a plate, scooped out my deliciousness onto the tortilla and topped it with warmed tahini.

Wrapping these up was funny to say the least. And a fork was necessary after attempting to eat this like a burrito with the juices seeping out of the bottom. (Disclaimer: I do not have Chipotle/Ninja-like burrito wrapping skills)

We enjoyed this dish, nonetheless. 😊. Ingredient list is below but get creative…you can’t go wrong with this at all! Just experiment with different vegetables, spices or sauces. I didn’t measure anything, just eyeballed it. Taste your dish as you go along and add what you like…don’t Google “Recipe for skillet”. Make your own!

2–3 cloves of garlic; minced

Half of a red onion (any onion will do, up to your preference); sliced

½ package of firm tofu; crumbled

A handful or so of golden potatoes

Good mixture of chopped broccoli and cauliflower

Bell Peppers (use all different colors!); chopped

Zucchini; slices

A handful or so of sugar snap peas

Carrots (I had a small bag of baby carrots and used about a handful); chopped

Tamari Sauce (I drizzled this in with the tofu pretty nicely)







**Add all spices according to your taste!!

Send feedback or comments on your dish! Let me know what you use 😊