Apple Pie...dairy free, yo!

Apple Pie...dairy free, yo!

So this…you guys…my masterpiece. And it’s plant-based for all you hard-core, baked-goods-loving, sweet-toothed non-vegans!!! Here’s the story behind this accidental masterpiece:

Several years ago, I decided I wanted to host thanksgiving dinner at my apartment. I had invited my immediate family for dinner and my boyfriends family from out of town. I wanted to give back for all the dinners, holiday get togethers, birthday parties and other festivities with the family where I never contributed anything edible…except for the occasional store-bought cake or pre-made bean salad. And like most things in my life, I GO BIG OR GO HOME…that’s just me. I wasnt as much of a cooking fanatic as I am now, but thanksgiving food is fairly easy to make as long as you stick to the staples: lots of seasoned vegetables, salty and savory protein,(I wasn’t vegan at this time, but eating only fish and poultry), the basics which include stuffing, cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes and last but not least…some damn good pie…we all know thanksgiving is not thanksgiving without damn good pie!!! The tricky part was, my boyfriend at this time was strict vegan, even before I went total vegan, so I had to make sure I catered to both meat and dairy eaters as well as plant based options. I took notes on recipes, bought a mini tofurkey and substituted non dairy ingredients where I could, but made sure to have a turkey and sides available for others.

I shopped for all the ingredients I needed and texted all my guests to see what they would like to have besides the basics. At this time, my man was working at an establishment that just happened to be open every day of the year including thanksgiving. He would be working almost an 8 hour shift before coming home to join us. *If you’ve worked in a restaurant before, you understand that the holidays are especially busy…and at a steakhouse, it’s so busy and fast paced that by the end of the shift, your feet feel like the skin is splitting and blood is pooling in your shoes, no matter how comfy your ugly black crocs are.* I wanted to make sure he had a dessert to eat with us, so I picked an apple pie recipe and altered it to vegan specs.

I used the normal ingredients you would with an apple pie, but subbed Earth Balance butter for regular butter, fine cane sugar instead of regular sugar and Pillsbury Pie Crust (which in some cases, is accidentally vegan…read your labels!!)

It’s extremely easy to make this pie. Even if you don’t cook to bake at all. Follow the directions on the pie crust foil, and make sure to cut plenty of slits in the top, but make them small. I used a little bit of extra cinnamon and added some applesauce since I used real apples and not canned apples. It just gives it that extra gooeyness an apple pie should have.

I surprisingly didn’t burn the pie at all, and it went FAST…total slam dunk, even for the non-vegans in our group!! I snapped a photo of it just before we all picked up our plates and forks to inhale our food. So it is true, that you can make amazing dishes that don’t have to include dairy or animal ingredients. Just gotta use the brain and get creative! Google helps, but be brave!!! I plan to make this recipe again in the future, but add Nutella for a velvety texture.

Ingredients: (no measurements here…screw that…make this your own!! And taste it!!)

3–4 peeled and sliced apples (I used Macintosh, but you can use canned apples or a different kind depending on preference)

Pillsbury Pie crust (top and bottom come together)




Fine cane sugar (you can use whatever sugar you want to, baby! Get creative!)

Earth Balance butter

Applesauce (if you use non canned apples)


*Place bottom pie crust in tin or glass

*mix the remaining ingredients in a bowl. Use your hands if you want…get messy…have fun!

*add mixture to pie crust

*take the top pie crust and drape over mixture, use a knife and cut slits into the top. Doesn’t have to be fancy. Pinch edges of top crust around pie tin or glass dish.

*Follow the temperature on the pie crust wrap and check the pie occasionally to watch for the top to turn golden brown.

Happy baking, lovelies 😘