So I met this burger…

There are so many different kinds of veggie burgers that make going to the supermarket overwhelming when deciding what brand/flavor to buy. And if you are one of the brave souls who attempts to make your own at home, bless you, that can be just as overwhelming and maybe even a little frustrating.

I’ve been on both ends of the burger spectrum, having tried countless brands of frozen or ready-to-cook patties only to be disappointed by the lack of taste and belly full of gas from beans and the ultra-fiber ingredients. Also buying up 15+ ingredients only to make a patty that becomes mini sliders due to the “binding agent” failing miserably, can make even the most calm of all peoples agitated. *Side note: if you are reading this out there, and you have a vegan patty recipe that literally stays in one piece after cooking, PLEASE SEND THIS TO ME!!!! I am on a quest…

I went to Whole Foods today (this already sounds like the start of a lame joke or some ridiculous first-world-problem story), and noticed they ran out of my go-to burger, Beyond Burger patties. These folks, if you have not had them are deelish…I can’t say that they are like the Impossible Burger and taste like beef because I haven’t eaten beef in 21 years. But I can tell you they are simply fabulous. What I love most about these is that they are so versatile. You can add spices to them and re-patty them with seasonings and herbs since they either thaw pretty nicely or are already thawed and easily pliable. And they just have this perfect texture after cooking…unlike a lot of other plant-based patties out there. Most that are frozen, tend to stay somewhat firm even after adding moisture to the patty. I have tried countless brands and different flavors like Southwest Black Bean Burgers, California Burgers, Chik’n Patties, Grilled Burgers, Portabella and White Bean Burgers and the list goes on.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE getting creative with plants, but damn if the ingredients in those flavored frozen patties don’t give me the worst case of bubble gut in the world. Then I catch myself wondering if it’s even really worth trying to find the perfect patty….until the Beyond Meat Burger and I “met”…here is that story:

My best friend had been raving about these burgers last fall, so one night he and I, along with a few other friends, decided to pick some of these up for dinner and see what the fuss was about. I kind of complained that I wasn’t interested in having another frozen patty that would turn me gassy for the entire night, but I curmudgeonly folded and picked some up along with the normal burger fix’ns, complaining the entire time that I KNEW these would be like all the rest…

To my surprise, these were thawed patties that kinda looked like real meat. I had had the impossible burger, which looks similar, and wasn’t a fan. (It really does taste like beef, which grosses me out.) There are only two per package, and all 4 of us were thinking we would eat 2 a piece, so I picked up 4 packages. Did I mention that they’re a little expensive? 6 bucks for 2 patties…hmmm…these burgers better wash the dishes and clean up afterwards.

I cooked these in a pan with a little seasoning and some oil, keeping the additions to a minimum. I added some Follow Your Heart cheese slices, tomato, lettuce and quacamole to the bun. I served everyone and then sat down, looked at my burger and silently said “Hello there”.

Another side note: You should greet your food. It does enhance the experience, and allows you the enjoyment of having a moment with whatever you are about to consume. People will think you are crazy, yes, but who are they and why does it matter? Do it silently if you don’t want to be judged.

I took a bite. Very nice.

Then I took another bite. Mmmmmmmmm!!

And then another, bigger bite. Damn!!

This burger was phenomenal. I took bite after bite, not stopping even when I had guacamole splatting back onto my plate and down my hand. You know the food is great when you don’t even notice the mess you are making.

The ever-elusive Beyond Meat Burger

The ever-elusive Beyond Meat Burger

After one burger and some side veggies, I was stuffed. I definitely wasn’t about to take on another one of those right away. But it was amazing, and I almost considered making a second patty for myself and dressing it commando-style (no bun). But my appetite has always been bigger than my stomach.

What a first impression though. I would go on to make these burgers occasionally, trying them out in different ways with new spices, re-pattying them with added minced garlic, sea salt, parsley, paprika and cumin. The possibilities are endless, for the most part.

I definitely recommend trying these out if you are looking to make the change. There are tons of different kinds of veggie burgers out there that aren’t bad. I’ll still do a nice, but slightly stinky California black bean patty every once in a while, as long as I’m home alone for the night.

burger 2.jpeg

I’d suggest trying the Beyond Meat Burger with just a little sea salt and paprika. Put it in a pan, don’t bake it in the oven, to avoid drying it out. Keep it juicy and be creative! Add some seitan bacon to the top and get saucy with some sriracha or guacamole.

Hope this inspires you to give them a shot!! Plant-based burgers are making their way along into mainstream diet….I say this because just an hour ago I went to Whole Foods to get the Beyond Burger patties and they were sold out. I was sad for myself, but happy for the rest of the people who bought them.