I’ve Got Good Vibes...So Where’s My Tribe?

I’m writing this for all people. Not just yoga students or teachers, or even friends and family. I’m writing this for all that are out there who maybe feel a sense of loneliness. I’m pretty sure that means almost 90% of us. It’s a bold thing to say, I know, but I believe it to be true. We are a lonely species, and however we got here, the first step towards feeling it a little less is acknowledging it.


I held a restorative yoga class the other week, where I handed each student an index card and a pen. Before we began class, I asked them to write down a motivator in their life. A phrase or quote. Something that was grounding or really uplifting. For some, being put on the spot isn’t easy, so I suggested a few quotes or inspirational sayings. I gave several examples and left time to write down more favorites if they arrived in the brain a little late. Afterwards, I asked them to write down their name and address on the back of the card. Once class was over, I gathered the cards from everyone and wished them a safe and pleasant evening.

A few nights ago, I prepared the index cards for mailing to each person as a “Friendly reminder from you, to you”, and couldn’t help but take a peek at some of the quotes. Is that bad? Oh well. It happened.

I noticed something. There was a quote that I read aloud as an example in class that almost every person wrote down on their card.

“Be the person you want to have in your life.”

It made me realize, it’s possible that people of all walks of life want the same thing.

Not money or fame or the perfect body.


A life with good people.

A person or persons in our life that make us happy. Maybe we even want to be that person in someone else’s life. Either way, to me, the quote meant connection. Real, human connection.

I had a moment when reading these cards. I felt more connected to my students than before. Because, you see, I want that, too. I want not only to have people in my life that are amazing, but to be an amazing person. And it felt good to not be alone with that.

In this current world, with all the technology and ease of access we have to others because of it, it’s absolutely wild that there is so much loneliness. But on the same end, it makes sense. Technology doesn’t translate real human energy. Human energy being that vibe you get when you are around others. We can’t grow as humans without other humans.

This is coming from someone who is dead-set on being as independent as possible (and sometimes stubbornly solitary) in life: We all actually do need each other.

That’s why being a part of and helping build a yoga community means so much to me. As a practitioner and student, I want more than anything to have likeminded folks in my life. But more importantly, I want to build a safe and loving environment for those who want that connection just as much.

You know that feeling you get when you come home from a long day? You just kick off your shoes, leave your week at the door and let your hair down? The day is done, and you can finally just land. There’s nothing like that feeling, but sometimes your actual home doesn’t feel that way. Sometimes going to your local studio and just taking a beat to breathe and move is exactly what you need.

I want, more than ever, to hold space for people who feel this way. To let them know they have a place to go that can feel like home. To land. To let go. To let it out and be around others who want the same.


I used to teach yoga at a studio in Indianapolis. In the few years I was there I made some amazing, life-long friends. People I miss so much and wish I could see every day again. The yoga community in Indianapolis was pretty big, but everyone knew each other. I’m so grateful to have been a part of that. So when I made the decision to move back to Chicago, I knew there would be some big shoes to fill.

When I first moved back, I went to lots of studios, looking for my tribe. I took classes all over the city, paying close attention to the staff, the students and the overall feel of the studio. I really enjoyed some of them and still continue to visit a few. But to be comfortable teaching somewhere, it’s gotta feel like home, and I still didn’t feel like I had found “the one”.

I eventually found my home at North Loft. It just felt right there. It’s a close-knit student base and I’m excited to help grow and be a part of the yoga community in Rogers Park. There’s something amazing going on here. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring.

I have a feeling that yoga draws those who want that connection. Those who find it within their homes or gyms, that’s where it’s at. Those who are still looking, come on up to Rogers Park and kick off your shoes.

It’s funny, now that I think about it. That quote, that almost all of my students wrote down. I wonder if they even realized that they actually had amazing souls sitting next to them that were already a part of their lives.

Amanda Zehr