Who is Amanda Zehr?


Born and raised in the suburban Midwest, Amanda has been involved in sports and fitness for most of her life. Starting out playing baseball with an all-boy league at 5 years old, she had to hustle harder and be faster just to make the team and avoid the bench. This hustle and drive permeated other aspects of her life from an early start, creating a competitive and sharp team player.

After moving to Chicago, Amanda found fitness training and running as her key passions, with a motivation to help others reach their goals.  Having a naturally energetic and positive attitude during training sessions strengthened the connection to her clients and their health objectives. 

But still, something was missing. In 2014, Amanda took her first yoga class and fell in love instantly. She was hooked on the athletic style vinyasa flow and the spiritual awakening that occurred during the practice. Not only did it increase her focus and bring forth a calmer mind set, but she realized that this thing called yoga was meant to be shared with everyone.

She quickly registered for her RYT 200 at Invoke Studio in Indianapolis, and began teaching immediately after.  She believes that yoga is a practice of service to humanity and a true tool of transformation at more than a physical level, and that it is far more powerful than a fitness routine or a time-out from a busy life. She believes that if people open up to new things such as yoga, so much more can be found about themselves than what is on the surface.

What truly moves her, is seeing her students and clients improve in their own practice and overall health. To see the look in their eyes when they notice these positive outcomes is what propels her to constantly move forward on this path of teaching.

Amanda holds an NCSF-CPT as well as her RYT 200. She loves to cook plant-based food for friends and family, writing the "recipe-gone-rogue" blog posts to share with others looking for guidance towards healthier options, spending time at her beach and hanging out with her cat, Mandhu.